Transform! Mooncake donation program

In recent years, many companies have been gifting mooncakes to their employees as a gesture of care and support. However, it is common for individuals to receive a large quantity of mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival, resulting in leftovers that go unconsumed and eventually go to waste.


Recognizing this issue, we invite companies to encourage their employees to consider redirecting the budget allocated for mooncake purchases toward charitable donations. By transforming mooncakes into "donations," we can not only reduce waste at its source but also provide support to grassroots women.


Your support and contributions will be utilized to sustain our organization's operations and empower grassroots women. As we are not a government-funded institution, we rely on the generous support of the community to maintain the work of our women's centre.


Please call 2153 3153 or email for more information.