Cherish Food Guided Tour

Food waste issue is serious in Hong Kong. In order to let people to much understand the situation of food waste in Hong Kong, we offer Cherish Food Guided Tour for the participants to experience the food recycling and promote the sustainable lifestyle.



  • To understand the project aims
  • To experience the food recycling work in the wet market
  • To filter the food that collected
  • To distribute to the service users


Time: 5:30pm - 9:00pm

Fee for Corporate: HK$3,000

Fee for Non-profit Organization or School: HK$1,500

Max to serve 9 participants in one tour


We will offer a briefing session to the participants in order to reflect the food waste issue in Hong Kong.

We are welcome corporates and organizations to join our guided tour. Please contact our Fundraising Department at 2153 3153 or email to, if you have any interest.