After school funday

Influenced by traditional beliefs, many women are viewed as the primary caregivers. As caregivers for children, the long-term responsibility of care deprives women of time to develop their careers and pursue their interests.


Therefore, we provide affordable after-school childcare services, allowing caregivers of children to have respite and opportunities for personal development. At the same time, this provides diverse learning opportunities and exposure to new experiences for children from low-income families.


To ensure that children have opportunities for relaxation beyond their daily learning, we invite businesses to join us in organizing "Fun-filled Days of Childcare." Especially during festive seasons, this initiative allows underprivileged children to experience the holiday atmosphere.


We welcome businesses and organizations to participate and join hands in supporting the needs of low-income families.

Please feel free to call us at 2153 3153 or email us at to make an appointment with our fundraising department.