Jockey Club 'Women-Up' : Resilience Enhancement Project

The transformation of women is like a small seed of a tree. As long as it absorbs the abundant nutrients provided by nature, it will quickly grow and become a thriving tree, nurturing all living beings and benefiting everything around it. Similarly, when women have sufficient space for development and opportunities for cultivation, they can gradually have the confidence to take on leadership roles at the individual, family, and community levels. They can support themselves, their families, and other women in their communities, building resilience and facing life's challenges with a positive and flexible attitude, such as rebuilding after disasters or adapting to life changes.


When women transform into resilient seeds, they can fully demonstrate their confidence and penetrating power, unleash their potential, and exert their influence, collectively creating an environment that is friendly to women. This enables more women to live autonomously and abundantly, deserving applause for Women Up!


Thanks to the support of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, a new program called the Jockey Club 'Women-Up' : Resilience Enhancement Project has been launched in the Southern District since March 2023.


The program advocates for:

  • Showcasing the potential of women to take the lead
  • Harnessing the diverse roles of women in personal, family, and social contexts


We welcome the following individuals to join us as partners in Women Up:

  • Women who aspire to holistic development
  • Members of the public, organizations, and professionals who are interested in "Women's Development in the Southern District"


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