My Heart Space – Hoarding Behaviours and Mental Health Care Project

With support from the Advisory Committee on Mental Health, we are launching a program called "My Heart Space" that focuses on hoarding behaviour and the mental health of carers. The "My Heart Space" program will engage with hoarding disorder cases, carers of hoarding disorder individuals, and the general public interested in hoarding disorder. The program will promote client-led home organization plans through street outreach and establish a volunteer support network.


The project will organize public education on mental health, workshops on small space organization techniques, storytelling groups for personal belongings, the establishment of an online platform for donating second-hand items, exhibitions showcasing personal belongings and their stories, and volunteer gatherings. By incorporating objects into daily life, the program aims to explore the relationship between objects and individuals, allowing for reflection and organization of life experiences. It also aims to foster healthy self-values among caregivers and their families. Additionally, the program promotes public awareness, understanding, and acceptance of hoarding habits and behaviours, reducing misunderstandings and neighbourhood exclusion. With hoarding individuals taking the lead and volunteer-supported organizing services, the program aims to empower hoarders and address the impact of hoarding issues on housing and neighbourhoods.


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