Nourishing Women & Deepening Gender Perspective Project (Phase 1)

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres (HKFWC), since 1981, has tirelessly committed to improving the lives of women at the grassroots level and promoting gender equality. Many of our core members are former recipients of help who are determined to spread the love and support women faced with the same challenges as themselves. Thanks to the patronage of Partnership for Community Development, in March 2021, we launched the "Nourishing Women & Deepening Gender Perspective Project" to facilitate education on gender identity.


Some of our core members were observed to be frustrated for their advocates for social changes to accommodate needs have been in vain. Therefore, we have held spiritual healing workshops to pass on messages like "self-care" and "self-awakening", hoping these workshops could build inner strength in women. We are grateful to our community partners who made this project possible. In the "Get Close to the Nature" activity, members experienced connections with trees and a slow-living lifestyle. Meals, countryside walks and drawing sessions were designed to be slow and relaxing activities for our members to both destress and refocus on the present. Members also handmade picture books which contain their memory therein. 


As for internal training, we reflected on our previous experiences as gender advocators. We are training our colleagues to conduct analysis on gender-related topics, and to make use of tools, for example, peaceful mind and communication strategies, to deepen their understanding of themselves and colleagues. The learning journey begins with knowing oneself, then proceeds to sympathy and knowledge of power relations. Throughout the training, there is always a central theme of self-empowerment creating positive external changes.


The Project ended in March 2022.


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