Training & Employment Support

There are two levels on the work of women's economic participation and empowerment. On an individual's level, we encourage women to go beyond working as caregivers at home by providing them with career-related training and support services to enhance their skills and develop their capacity for economic independence. On a collective level, we advocate for a continual improvement of the employment environment and help women explore alternative working modes through enrolling them into various collectives, and organisations.


Women Re-employment Scheme

One of our core beliefs is that every woman has both potential and value. This is why we advocate social diversity so that women too can have the opportunity to be all they can be - women, too, can...


Step It Up for Gender Equality: Project to Enhance Economic Empowerment of Women

This 3-year project aims to foster gender equality by tackling two major problems that are faced by women – traditional gender role in family and imbalance of power in the economy.


Co-creating Women Workplaces

Influenced by traditional family values, many grassroots women need to leave the workplace early because of family care, but they are willing to return to the workplace. Therefore, the burden of...

now plus

Jockey Club NOW Plus Project: New Opportunities for Women in Career Development

After learning from the experience and response of the HKJC: New Opportunities for Women (NOW) in Home-based Self-employment, we received the support of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to...

women labor law

Women Labor Law Education and Consultation Service

Due to traditional family role, many women can only choose to take casual jobs or slash works to help their families, especially for grassroots families. But, the general problem of part-time jobs is...



Co-operative which women organise, operate, finance own their own do not only allow women at the basic level to develop alternative employment opportunities through equal relations of cooperation and...

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Women Entrepreneurship

We firmly believe that every woman has unique abilities, and earn pocket money by her own interests, skills, and abilities.


Job Referral Service

In order to further promote the economic empowerment of women, we develop Job Referral Service for women.Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres Limited, Number of Employment Agency Licence: 098