Counselling & Legal Support

The services aim to provide emotional support, referrals to other community resources and crisis management skills to women encountering problems in their marriage, family relationship, parenting, employment, and health, as well as victims of sexual violence and domestic violence, and single parents. By providing them with necessary information on the law, health and community resources, as well as the advisory and counselling services stressing gender equality, the HKFWC seeks to assist women to identify ways to solve their problems and to seek ways to develop themselves, and consequentially enhance their capacity for problem solving at times of adversity.


Women's Helpline - 2386 6255

The HKFWC's Women's Helpline is Hong Kong's first hotline for women.


Free Legal Advice Clinic

The HKFWC formed the Free Legal Advice Clinic in 1992. It is Hong Kong's first legal advice service for women experiencing marital problems, to consult them on their rights under the Family Law.


Counselling & Case Works

We provide individual case counselling and group support services from the perspective of women, for women who are faced with marital problems, abuse, or emotional stress.


Women's Relief and Support Fund

The Fund provides women with financial assistance to help them address their pressing needs. It aims at supporting women who have not been able to maintain their basic life by facing emergency...