Caring the Carers

Women can be taken for granted due to traditional notions, being seen as the family’s caregiver. Buried under a mountain of housework, she can find her health suffering under the strain and lacking a life outside the home. Our Community Networking programme is taking action to combat these perceptions. The programme offers networking activities to help women expand their social and support network beyond the home and help relieve the pressure they face.

carer space

Jockey Club Carer Space Project

Carers play an important role in supporting ageing in place. However, they face challenges and experience stress in their caregiving journey. To promote the development of carer support and services,...


Carer Time Bank

Carer Time Bank is an alternative economic model that quantifies and recognises women's unpaid caregiving work contributions. By organising social capital and redefining the value of unpaid...


Carer's Hotline

No one is born to be a carer, but women have to be carers due to traditional norms. In the face of a heavy caring burden, carers have suffered from varying degrees of emotional distress. With the...

Cyber Neighbourhood Network

Care Neighbourhood Network (CNN) - The All-in-One Carer Support Platform

There are many unpaid carers in the community who take care of the sick, the elderly and the young 24 hours a day, with no respite space. Due to the lack of support, the lack of rest, the gradual...


You're Not Alone: Cross-sectoral Support Network for Single Mothers in North District

"You're Not Alone" project aim at developing social capital in Sheung Shui community to support single-parent families. We focus on their holistic health by cross-sector collaboration, including...


Jockey Club "All Brilliant Carers" Project

No one is born to be a carer. A lot of carers have to give up on their full-time jobs to take care of their families and make many medical decisions, which cause tremendous mental and financial...


Carer Hygge HOME

Have you ever thought that carers can have an exclusive space, a place where everyone can put down their care work and have a breather? Therefore, we create "Carer Hygge HOME" to provide a respite...

carer cafe

Carer Cafe

Carers are under a lot of pressure in their daily lives and lack space to relax. In cooperation with the Social Welfare Department, we have set up a "Carer's Cafe" for them to unwind themselves.


Community Education for Supporting Carers in Hong Kong

Based on traditional gender values, society constructs what it calls the role of women as carers. However, in traditional gender values, women have always lacked the space to make choices for their...


Guarding Angels: Cross-sectoral Support Network for Child Carers

The project adopts "Community-Government-Business-Medical" cross-sectoral collaboration model, to develop "gathering spots" for community child-carers, which provide a platform to build up cohesion...

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Carer Voucher Pilot Project in Sham Shui Po

According to the Census and Statistics Department's "Thematic Household Survey Report No. 56", there are 640,000 full-time housekeepers in Hong Kong, of which over 97% are women. The number of...


Building up Women Caregivers' Mutual Support Network in Wah Ming Estate

Services to support women are lacking in the North District. As a result, many caregivers in the region find themselves under tremendous pressure with few ways to let it out. To address these issues...


Building up Sustainable Mutual Support Network for New Arrival Women and Single Mothers in Sheung Shui

Sheung Shui and mainland China are just a river apart. Many women travel between Hong Kong and China because of work, family or education of their children. Hence, a lot of new immigrant women choose...


A New Page in Life: To Develop a Sustainable Mutual Help Network for New Arrival Women and Single Mothers

Single mothers and women who have just migrated to Hong Kong from the mainland can struggle to adapt to their new lives and are often faced with a lack of community support and social services. As a...


Make A Difference: Building a Sustainable Cross-sectoral Carers' Support Network

We launched our three-year project Make A Difference: Building a Sustainable Cross-sectoral Carers' Support Network from July 2012 with support from the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund.