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"Always Be Yourself" Concept Store is Established – Pathway of women entrepreneurs: From knowing themselves to connect with their products

Based on the statistics in 2020 from the Census and Statistics Department, the female labour force participation rate (LFPR) is lower than that of the male - average female LFPR is 54%, while average male LFPR is 65.6%. Nowadays, many women's freedoms in choosing an occupation and developing in career are still greatly restricted by their roles in families, particular for married or giving birth women. Since they usually spend much time taking care of the family, they cannot enter the labour market that requires long working hours and low flexibility. Taking into consideration, the Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres (HKFWC) will organize "Women Entrepreneurs Course" to provide alternatives in women's career path.


Unique Entrepreneurs Course

When it comes to start-up in Hong Kong, most entrepreneurs are males or young people. The general women, especially those mainly taking care of the family, are always classified as "dependents", "family is the first concern". Even though women have skills or talents, it is difficult for them to develop in their fields because of their role in families, lack of resources and opportunities, etc. When we improve society, women socioeconomic status should be higher up. Women should have more varieties in life, like doing things they love or even pursuing their dreams, but not stereotyped as one character. To achieve these goals, we organize a women entrepreneurs course. Apart from general start-up knowledge, such as writing proposals, accounting skills, budgeting, law regulations, risk management, food safety, market promotion, etc, the course also emphasizes "mental healing" to help women find their needs, restore self-confidence, and handle their burdens. By then, they can break through the social stereotypes and find their real selves.


The birth of a physical store

The store's theme is "ALWAYS BE YOURSELF" and with the nude-coloured decorations that means women can follow their hearts and show "the real me" to others. When women design their products, they also tell their stories through them. Some women said the designing process likes finding their second love; some also stated that they would grab the opportunity to pursue their abandoned dreams; some even mentioned that they would show their beliefs. Through building their own brands, women can talk to themselves and find their true selves. The process is like removing all the make-up required by society and showing their natural beauty.


Please feel free to come to every "her" store and listen to their stores!


Venue: Shop 6C, G3/F, Tropicana Gardens, 110 Lung Cheung Road, Wong Tai Sin

Opening date: October to November 2020 (Monday – Sunday)

Opening time: 11 AM to 7 PM

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