Events & Programmes

We provide a series of women-orientated service, including Counselling & Legal Support, Training & Employment Support, Gender Education, Caring the Carers, Cherish Food, Childcare & After-school Care, various Social Participation and Volunteer Development to promote gender equality in Hong Kong. We hope to enable women to develop their Confidence, Independence and Competence.


Family Caregivers: the Best Supporting Actress

Who Gets Me?” told the stories of a number of caregivers and the issues that face them, such as handling children with learning disabilities, sour relations with a mother-in-law, and marital difficulties.


The play relayed how families can overcome their troubles through of combination of their families and resources in society. The performance was a space for women to express their inner feelings, and its caregiver protagonists resonated with the audience of caregivers, who found support in their message. It also allowed them to play to their strengths and show they too can be artists. 


“Who Gets Me?” was performed as community theatre at Yan Oi Town Square, Tuen Mun on 25 October 2015, raising awareness of the state of women who serve as caregivers. More than 1,000 people were in attendance. Many responded clearly to the play's message and remained after the show to learn more about HKFWC's events and campaigns to support caregivers.