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We provide a series of women-orientated service, including Counselling & Legal Support, Training & Employment Support, Gender Education, Caring the Carers, Cherish Food, Childcare & After-school Care, various Social Participation and Volunteer Development to promote gender equality in Hong Kong. We hope to enable women to develop their Confidence, Independence and Competence.


Standard Chartered Marathon 2024: Long RUN for Child Caring

Childcare is not just a women's issue. We have been advocating for gender equality, encouraging family members and society to share the responsibility of caregiving, allowing women the opportunity to set aside their caregiving duties and explore their own potential. Thanks to the support from the Standard Chartered Marathon's charity program, we were able to secure slots for us in the Standard Chartered Marathon 2024 to raise funds for childcare and after-school care services, enabling us to continue serving the community!


The women who participated initially lacked confidence in their ability to complete the marathon, but today, they have achieved results that exceeded their expectations, witnessing their growth and perseverance!

  • "We had a 71-year-old sister who initially thought she couldn't finish and would have to be taken away by bus. In the end, she completed the race and was overjoyed!"
  • "We had a sister who faced opposition when she wanted to run the marathon. People believed she couldn't do it. But with the encouragement of her daughter, she found the courage to participate at the age of 66!"


Often, we may feel that many things or challenges are accompanied by a sense of impossibility, just like caregivers who are constrained by various limitations. However, breaking free from these constraints is not an impossible task. The sisters of the running team have successfully challenged themselves, proving through their actions that everyone has unlimited potential.


We have always supported women in breaking free from the confines of caregiving and discovering their own possibilities. At the same time, we provide childcare and after-school care services, allowing child caregivers to set aside their responsibilities and pursue their own aspirations.


In this event, our colleagues even participated in the full marathon alongside a "baby," symbolizing the idea of sharing the burden together! They completed the race in 4 hours and 46 minutes, setting a record for the "baby's" first full marathon!


Childcare is never easy; it's more like a lifelong marathon. As the saying goes, "Raising a child takes a hundred years, and the worry lasts for ninety-nine." Let's take good care of the child caregivers around us, and we hope that everyone can share their caregiving responsibilities, making their caregiving journey less lonely!