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We provide a series of women-orientated service, including Counselling & Legal Support, Training & Employment Support, Gender Education, Caring the Carers, Cherish Food, Childcare & After-school Care, various Social Participation and Volunteer Development to promote gender equality in Hong Kong. We hope to enable women to develop their Confidence, Independence and Competence.


Art Exhibition on Women & Pandemic

2020 is not an easy year for everyone. The outbreak of the pandemic took everyone by surprise, causing much worry and fear of getting infected inadvertently. Mothers worry about the health of their children, carers worry about whether their family members have enough protective materials, and employees worry about their jobs. The lifestyle has been changed by this pandemic of the century. We still remember the crowds queuing up all night long to buy masks, the deserted Admiralty MTR station, or the frontline staff who continue to work during the pandemic. Each of these scenes were unimagined before the pandemic, and each has a story behind it. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, women have been put to assume many roles in this pandemic; but has anyone tried to understand if they were willing to take up these responsibilities?



The Art Exhibition on Women & Pandemic curated by the Jockey Club Mental Wellness Project for Women was completed successfully! Thanks to all the participants, volunteers and colleagues for their participation and help to make the event a success!



The art exhibition and workshop was held on 21 and 22 November at the Discovery Vessel, Kwun Tong Waterfront with free admission. Stories of eight women of diverse roles and experiences had their lives and emotional impact under the new coronavirus pandemic expressed through artworks. Oftentimes society stereotype certain jobs as "women's jobs." Social concepts often limit women's imagination and opportunities. We hope that the event has allowed the public to reflect on the gender division of labor and be inspired! Whatever our gender, do we have a choice for our work? Have we been limiting ourselves and others by our traditional culture?


There is also the "Healing" Lecture, where a registered Chinese medical practitioner explained the symptoms/emotions that women go through when under great stress (such as from the pandemic) and the ways to deal with them, so that everyone can learn to let go of their worries and take care of their mind and body.


"Understanding" Sharing Session and Workshop The women interviewed for the exhibition shared their life stories, and worker led event participants on a self-exploration journey to help them manage themselves during the pandemic.


It is hoped that a greater variety of events can be held in the future enabling the public to better understand the different facets of women. Finally, we wish you good health and a happy new year!


Jockey Club Mental Wellness Project for Women aims to assist women in the community to detect their personal emotional and psychological needs as early as possible, and to provide early intervention and referral support.