Events & Programmes

We provide a series of women-orientated service, including Counselling & Legal Support, Training & Employment Support, Gender Education, Caring the Carers, Cherish Food, Childcare & After-school Care, various Social Participation and Volunteer Development to promote gender equality in Hong Kong. We hope to enable women to develop their Confidence, Independence and Competence.


New Territories Flag Day 2019

New Territories Flag Day 2019 was organized on 9 November (Saturday). Thank you for all kindly donation, as well as Flag Day volunteering in order to raise fund for low-income family projects and recurrent expenses of service centres. Since we are not a subverted organization by the Social Welfare Department, we need to raise funds to support our women's services. We hope we would work together, keep going to support women's service, as well as to promote gender equality!


Acknowledgement for our Flag Day 2019

Poster and Flags Design: Beta Design Limited

Souvenir Sponsorship: Pak Fah Yeow International Limited


 (Public Subscription Permit No. FD/R008/2019)